Sunday, December 06, 2009

Tree Hunting

tree farmStar on top decoratedWe headed out to the tree farm today. I think this was the fastest we've ever picked one out. We walked up to the very first tree we saw and all agreed. Even the farm worker was a bit surprised and commented how fast we were.

The last photo is out of focus. My camera doesn't auto-focus consistently (one too many drops). That is an example of my manual focus talent. It appears I'm in need of some stronger glasses. Bugger.

For those who got a Christmas card from us last year - I am sorry but we're not doing anything as fun or creative. We went to Meijer and picked a pre-packaged boxed card this year. I like them and hope you do too.

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Angela Deal Meanix said...

Hello. Beautiful tree. I am enjoying your site and finding inspiration in it ( Just started my own blog ... and having fun with it). Look forward to reading more (and looking at pics ... that's usually what I do:) -angela