Sunday, November 29, 2009


  • Best quote from last year's Christmas season:
    Mommy, I want you to get me a special surprise for Christmas. Something I don't know about and something I'll like...and I'm not talking about those special kind of surprises like a hug or telling me you love me.
  •  This year she wants a new paints, new books and a doctor's kit. 
puppy Jeff Vader
  • Jeff Vader (the dog) is doing well with obedience training. He's a funny dog. I've never seen a large dog jump like a toy poodle straight up in the air when excited until I met him. It's crazy. I need to get video of it.
  • Will my house ever be clean all at the same time?
  • I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet. Last year I was almost done at this time. I haven't done our Christmas card either and it's stressing me out. How do I top last year? I can't. What to do...what to do...
  • Next weekend we will get our tree. I have a goal to have the house clean and orderly by then. Why the house needs to be clean for the tree I don't know. It's one of my rules I made up in my head. 
  • I want to post more to this blog. Wanting to and actual doing can be two very different things. This randomized post is a start I suppose.


Donna said...

I'm trying to look at cleaning my house as an ongoing process rather than a job that gets completed. Not sure if it's working 8-)

jeney said...

Tell Lucy that you want something special this year, and not the special stuff that she makes herself. You want a real store-bought gift this time. No fair shopping online.

We are week-before-Christmas shoppers and possibly Christmas-Eve-shoppers, but that's really just due to having to wait until we have money. It just sounds nicer to say it's a tradition.

Re: Christmas card. Have you considered full frontal nudity? People won't be expecting that. And Christmas is all about surprises.

Having a clean house for the tree is like needing a clean fridge for the groceries. It's completely legit.

I think I'll clean my house today, too. It's already organized, so the cleaning happens pretty fast.