Monday, November 17, 2008

wrappa*dappa*doo* Reusable Gift Wrap Tutorial

completed reusable giftwrap

I got the idea for this about a week before Christmas last year. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. Did I want to make a bunch up and sell them? no. heck, no. That would last about 5 minutes of excitement then it'd be a chore to try and do. ugh. I thought it would be more fun if you got to play along too. Plus it's more economical and Green for you, me, everyone. So I wrote up a super simple tutorial that shows step by step what to do. If you can sew in a fairly straight line and use pinking shears than you can make this!

Click on any image to view on flickr then click on tab "all sizes" above the photo to see larger.

Click here to see this tutorial as a set on my Flickr page.

Make lots of them and give them away. Better yet, design some Christmas, Hanukkah, Baby, or Birthday fabric using Spoonflower and create a completely personal one! 

Last Christmas I gave one as a gift. I used the reusable gift-wrap as the gift-wrap. Inside was an empty box with a little note explaining that the gift was actually on the outside. I should have designed and printed a mini-tutorial and stuck it in there so she could keep one and make one to give. Kind of like friendship yeast bread. It's the gift the keeps on giving.

I created a flickr group so you can share your creations. Please join! I can't wait to see what you guys do with this. Let me know what you think.


hannah said...

Spoonflower could not have coincided with this any better!

By the way: Today I found these SUPER frames (professional) in which to mount the painting of yours that I bought...but the matting under the plexiglass is too big. DARN.

And this is Jeney, not Hannah.

joybucket said...

Hey Jeney ~ yeah, sorry about that. The painting is a wonky size. What you could do is mount it with archival double sided tape onto a piece of solid matte board then press it directly against the glass. Does that make sense?

I should have thought ahead and designed some Christmas wrap! I suppose there's still a little time left.

Jen said...

OOoh, wonderful. I'm always amazed by your creativity. I'm going to attempt this project this weekend.

jeney said...

Are you seriously apologizing to me for selling me this painting that I love for practically nothing? Please.

Yeah, I thought of that yesterday. I'll just have to get another matte board since the one that it came with has little corner-things for the photograph that was inside of it. I can't pull them off.

I've also thought of getting some great, yet simple, fabric to put over the matte board. I love fabric. It may or may not work, but I just try stuff until something works! So far, this method has worked out for me.

Creative Life Diary said...

These are the greatest. I'm loving the reusable part..Thank you for sharing!!!

Wasteland Ministries said...

I've been thinking about this. I have some issues.

*You can't tear into it.
*You can wad it up into a ball and peg someone in the face with it.
*It may lead to quilting.


Heather said...

so smart--I've used tea towels. . . but this is so pretty!

Su said...

This is a great idea. I was feeling very un-green wrapping all those presents this year.
I think I may go and buy some (on sale) fabric to stash for next year.. Now, that's planning ahead :)

emadethis said...

What a cool idea. I've read about furoshiki but haven't had really known what to do about it--and then there's the problem of those in my family who can unwrap presents and rewrap them in a completely undetectable way. This would be much more helpful than furoshiki for deterring their waywardness. Thanks for the great idea!

Marsha said...

Very nice tutorial and a wonderful idea. Thank so much for sharing!!

Ellen said...

What an amazing idea. My mom is a quilter, so I'm going to wrap all the presents I send home this year in fabric and she can either reuse them or use them in her crafting - the wrap becomes part of the gift. Thanks for sharing this, I just love it!

dilasari said...

Thank you very much for the tutorial. It's very useful for me who have long been looking for a unique gift wrapping idea.

Anonymous said...

I wish you had a facebook Like button attached to this page I would of clicked it and then my friends could of all gotten it too. Just something to consider.

Carmen said...

Joybucket - I'd like to get your permission to mention your blog in an "Interesting Extras to Reuse" document that's part of a Green workshop challenge.

Can you please contact me at:

THANKS in advance.

Carmen Stone
Manager, Corporate Partnerships
4-H Foundation of Alberta
#13, 4101 - 19 Street NE | Calgary, AB | T2E 7C4
Ph: 403.869.3528 | Email: |

Yamayka's Gift Wrapping Ideas said...

Wonderful idea, very inspiring.I love finding new gift wrapping ideas.Thanks!